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AutoDrill Production Self-Reversing AutoTap Equipment


The Self-Feed AutoTap is based on the standard AutoDrill with the addition of a Self-Reversing Tapping Head. These models are completely self-contained and suitable for automated hole tapping when the cycle time does not have to be extremely fast. They are also suitable for threading chasing and thread checking applications.

The AutoTap is capable of any thread configuration within the models capacity range. This keeps the cost reasonable. No longer is it necessary to have individual lead screw assemblies for each thread pitch. Tap sizes can be exchanged easily.

self feeding AutoTap

       All Self-Feed AutoTap Models have these features:
  • Positive Forward and Reverse Drive

  • Entry Cushion for reliable work contact and elimination of cross threading on rethreading operations

  • Three Models handle #6 thru 5/8" capacity

  • Operator Tool Package included

  • Rubber-Flex Collet provided with the unit as standard

  • Rubber-Flex Collets as standard or with Optional Quick Change Spindle

  • Extension and Compression cushions compensates for minor feed fluctuations

  • Factory Assembled and Tested

  • Combination Drill and Tap operations may be possible with suitable modifications to the Tapping Head.

AutoTap Selection

AutoTap Unit



Rubber-Flex Collet

Tap Shank Size


#33 JT

#6 - #8


.098 - .177

#10 1/4


.177 - .256


#33 JT

#6 1/4


.139 - .257

1/4 - 1/2


.253 - .383


#3 JT

#10 1/2


.176 - .383

5/16 - 5/8


.280 - .500


       For help improving your tapping operations contact AutoDrill at:

       United States & Canada: 800-871-5022

       International: 01-908-542-0244


AutoDrill specializes in Production Drilling and Tapping Equipment and Automation Controls.

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