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AutoDrill Production Lead Screw Tapping Equipment

       Lead Screw Tapping is beneficial for many operations. Some examples are:
  • Tapping holes requiring Class 3 precision

  • Operations that need to be optimized for a single tap size

  • High volume tapping operations

  • Replacement for high cost CNC operations

  • Ideal for dedicated manufacturing cell applications

       Lead Screw Tapping Advantages:
  • Increased tooling life

  • Less tool breakage

  • Faster cycle times

  • Scrap parts due to tapping eliminated

  • Operator skill requirement reduced

  • Consistent accurate tapped holes

  • Consistent depth control

  • Best method for high volume tapping

      For help improving your tapping operations contact AutoDrill at:

      United States & Canada: 800-871-5022

      International: 01-908-542-0244


AutoDrill specializes in Production Drilling and Tapping Equipment and Automation Controls.

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