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AutoDrill Production Drill Press Tapping Equipment

       Typical Applications:
  • Punched or Stamped parts where secondary tapping has always been far more costly then the first operation.

  • OEM Product Components that require multiple tapped holes. A Multiple Spindle Tapping Head fixtured for use on a standard drill press is the ideal cost solution to avoid multiple single tapping steps.

  • Cast or Molded Components where more than one hole has to be tapped in a secondary operation. A simple tapping cell near the forming operation can be used to perform the tapping in the spare time between the forming cycles.

  • Small Items requiring a single tapping operation can be fixtured together in a group to tap multiple pieces in a single step.


For operations with tapping requirements up to 50 cycles per hour, this setup is the least expensive and requires almost no setup or additional equipment except for a Multiple Spindle Head suitable for the required pattern to be tapped.

Almost no setup is required and the operator skill is less than required for operating a CNC type machine or manual tapping. Tap breakage is reduced. Standard Hand taps are suitable for shallow through holes and Spiral Point taps should be used for deeper through holes. Spiral Flute taps should be used for relatively deep blind holes.

The Multi-Spindle Drill Press Tapping equipment is easily maintained without the need for specialized outside vendor services. Itsí cost is a fraction of other medium volume tapping methods. The Multiple Spindle Drill Press Tapping equipment is easily integrated in existing production workflow operations. The multiple tapping equipment does not require expensive mechanical and electrical installations.

Combination Drill and Tap tools, when the material thickness is up to twice the nominal tap diameter, are suitable using the drill press tapping equipment if the standard Self-Reversing Tapping Head is replaced with a Self-Reversing Tapping Head that includes our Hard Start option. Careful consideration is necessary to assure the correct drill length and tap thread length are suitable. Most Combination Drill and Tap tools have Spiral Flute style thread sections since the combination operation is only suitable for through hole applications.

View a Video of a Multiple Spindle Drill Press in operation. It is intentionally running slow for easier viewing

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